10 Reasons Why One Edmonton Family Found the CX-5 the Perfect Match for Their Kind of Lifestyle…

"10 Reasons Why An Edmonton Family Found the Mazda CX-5 the Perfect Match for Their Kind of Lifestyle...

Even though They May Not Have Known it at the Time of Buying"

Edmonton Mazda CX-5 for Sale

It’s not that often that a customer if made the star of the show when it comes to promoting a particular product or service. In fact, it's even rarer for a company to admit that they are in existence… only because of the customer.

Here at Mazda, we realize that thrusting stuffy, boring, uninteresting jargon in the face of you, the customer...is really bordering on business suicide. When what should be happening is driving home the pure benefits you’ll experience once you’re in one of our vehicles!

So, what you’ll read below is the true account of a letter we received from one of our loyal CX-5 customers.

We’ve not asked the customer to write in. We’ve not told him to make things up. No. What we received was a sincere, straight from the heart message about his and his family’s experience, since their purchase of a Mazda CX-5 around 9 months ago.

  1.  Even though we semi-purchased the CX-5 on looks, we quickly realized the sheer head turning, eye-opening stares we get from other drivers and people on the street. It's a real stunner. Giving it a hand wash and a letting the sun cool off the water for a few minutes, leaves the vehicle sparkling even more, and the looks, even more longing.
  2. A lot of vehicles seem either too bulky, too cumbersome, or too flimsy and unstable. We found whilst taking tight bends or ripping it on the open roads, the handling and stability of our CX-5...is just superb. Plus...it just eats up all those clusters of debris that seem to form in the little areas on all roads. We found the CX-5 certainly doesn’t flinch when high winds or treacherous rain makes driving conditions hazardous. It revels in it!
  3. The storage space in the back is just humungous. We’ve taken our - Mazdi Becks, yeah it's silly, but we’ve named our Mazda also! - to places all over Alberta, and we’re able to pack as if we’re moving home. We can easily put the seats down with the pull of a lever with the 20-40-20 rear folding seats to make room for groceries, luggage and even some 2x4s from the home improvement store. It's very versatile.
  4. We like the equipment too. There’s a 7-inch colour touchscreen display with Mazda Connect that’s a real sweet relief. I can quickly and easily pair my Wife’s phone via Bluetooth to listen to her playlists while at the same time answer phone incoming calls on my device or vice versa. We can even plug in a USB flash drive into one of the four available USB ports for listening to music for hours on end. With that in mind, it's a good thing we’ve got the satellite navigation system installed, as sometimes, the music has drifted us off on many a wrong path. We plugin in our destination, and...whammo, the dulcet “right here, left here, straight ahead…” voiced woman steers us where we need to go. Brilliant. Also, with the recent cold wave, we feel like royalty with the automatic dual climate control and front and rear heated seats. No strain whatsoever.
  5. The interior space gives the feeling that you can stretch out and take 40 winks! We were looking for a bit more freedom in the cockpit. A bit more openness. We certainly got that. 3 adults can sit in plenty of comfort at the back, whilst having happy conversations. Not the ones that start, ‘hey budge up, get your foot out of my space!’. Phew, thank goodness we don’t have all that.
  6. The power is there, if we need to use it. There’s a throaty roar from the engine when the foot, if needed, of course, is placed on the big square pedal. I must say, I’ve used it. You know, when you just have to get that medicine for the youngster, or blueberry muffins are needed in the house pronto, and you’re at a stand-off at the lights. It’s Foot down and...Whoosh! Also...there are times, just out of pure driving pleasure that you...er...Floor it. Hey, just kidding!
  7. Price. We had thought about buying a traditional car. There were a few that fitt into the 20-24k range. We wrestled over it, though, my wife and I came to the joint conclusion of an SUV first and foremost. We loved the romance that they conjure, plus, more practically as well, we’ve both driven SUV’s, and loved them. They’re the luxury of a normal car, but the drama and excitement of a hit movie. Through Mazda, we got a great deal on financing, and the rest… snugly fit into place.
  8. Classy Fun. We wanted something that was fun to drive. That had a feeling of fun times. That kids, as well as adults, could play with to their little greedy heart's content. We wanted something with character and where silly movies could be shared. You know, when looking back on life’s stuff, we could say ‘hey, remember that time on the beach when all of the balloons flew out of the back of Mazdi Berk’s rear door and up into the far away sky?” In fact, our little boy’s say, ...are we going to go into my big red car!” Happy times.
  9. We also, unknowingly, found ourselves in a sort of Mazda Family. You see, we’ve bought products and services, like many others, where after the sale, it's like the seller doesn’t want to know us again. They’ve got our money...who cares. It’s ‘next please!’ We were pleasantly surprised by the follow-up, call-backs, and general interaction after we purchased our Mazda. The connectedness makes a terrific amount of difference.
  10. Due to the expanding nature of our family, we wanted a vehicle that could take the wear and tear, the strain and demands of differing sets of needs, and from a different set of people. With my Wife, Lauren, due to give birth to our second child, I, not knowing at the time, needed a vehicle to adapt to those times ahead. So far, I can say,...we made a brilliant choice.

We’re not big on technicalities or understanding the vehicle for pure engineering brilliance. We do acknowledge that whatever those Mazda people have done to come up with the CX-5, it’s a pure masterpiece!

We may not need to know how the jigsaw was put together, but, we certainly thrill over the design, practicality and sheer driving pleasure that comes from owning one of these. You may, too. Do what we did...take one for a spin. Also, I believe if you mention this ad, they’ll give you 100 AIR MILES™® Reward Miles. Happy Living!

Contact Park Mazda, 1-844-310-9503 and ask to be put through to Amber or Ryan. Mention the CX-5 10-Reason AD, AND...you’ll receive a photo framed CX-5, ...just for calling to arrange a super thrill, no obligation, no-strings-attached, try it out to your heart's content - test drive. (Don't forget, we’ll give you 100 AIR MILES Reward Miles, just for coming in for a test drive!) Book a Mazda CX-5 Test Drive Experience Today at VIPTestDrive.ca or call 1-844-310-9503